EnerNOC Pilot

EnerNOC is an aggregator targeting commercial, industrial, and institutional customers with an interruptible load of at least 100kW.  There are no charges or penalties to customers.  Customers receive capacity payments of $2.50/kW and energy payments of $0.075/kWh.  These payments are made quarterly.  Up to 80 event hours per year – each ranging between two to eight hours – are available to customers with a 30-minute notice.  Summer hours are available April thru October from 12 to 8 p.m. CT; winter hours are available November thru March from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. CT.  Customers also have access to energy management PowerTrak software.

The current contract with EnerNOC is subscribed fully.  Discussions about “round two” of this program are being conducted.  In order to keep event dispatch in line with the program’s objective to reduce the TVA system peak, the strike has been changed to float with the market price of energy.  There currently are 122.8 MW enabled and ready to respond to an event with a 30-minute notice.


When will events be called?

Events will be called during periods of high energy demand, high energy prices, and during times of system need. Although this will typically be during the hottest parts of the summer when the TVA system peaks, events can be called on any weekday between 12 PM and 8 PM CT during the summer season (April through October). During the winter season (November through March), events can be called between 5 AM and 1 PM CT.

How will I know that an event is called?

You will receive a notification email similar to the sample below. If you would like to add additional contacts to the event notification list or opt out of event notifications, please contact me or your EnerNOC representative.

 If I have questions about the event, who do I contact?

For questions regarding an event, please contact your EnerNOC representative.

Should I contact my customers during the event?

EnerNOC does not recommend that you contact customers during events, as facility staff may be busy managing their load reduction measures. In addition, EnerNOC coaches any customers not meeting their Demand Response commitment, and we try to limit any potential confusion arising from multiple contacts during an event.

How do I log into PowerTrak to see my customers’ performance?

You can log in to PowerTrak using the usernames and passwords that are available from the last page of the bi-weekly reports that your EnerNOC representative provides.

How do I know which customers have been activated?

The bi-weekly reports provided by your EnerNOC representative detail the currently-nominated customers on the last page of the report (typically page 3 or 4).

Will I receive a post-event summary of how my customers performed?

Yes, EnerNOC will provide you with a post-event report within several days of a Demand Response event. This report will detail the aggregate performance of your customers, as well as provide tabulated customer-by-customer results.