Get a Cash Reward


A reward of $10,000 will be paid by Mountain Electric to an individual for a lead resulting in a minimum of 25 new, full-time, 40 hour/per week jobs paying $8.00/ hr. minimum. The reward will be paid upon the completion of the following criteria:

It will be awarded only after the hiring of 25 full time employees within the first year after start-up. The prospective company must pay a portion of the medical plan and have a favorable Dunn and Bradstreet report. The prospective company would not be eligible for the reward.

Qualifying leads should be directed to an approved economic development representative. The lead can be presented by phone, in person or written notification. .

The lead should include:

-name of prospective company                                 -name of company contact

-description of any previous contact                       -prospective business’s phone number

-explanation of reasons the company is believed to be a legitimate prospect

(A list of company names and associated phone numbers would not constitute a legitimate lead.)

Approved ED representatives would be comprised of County Mayor or his appointee, Official County Economic Development Recruiter, Industrial Board Chairman, MEC Manager, MEC Director of Member Services, TVA and State Economic Development Recruiters.

Approved ED representatives and their families would not be eligible for the reward initiative. Former County Executives, professional recruiters, and approved ED representatives would only be eligible for leads generated a minimum of 12 months after their departing the office or position.

Approved ED representatives must maintain good records including first date of contact for any leads submitted and include the information described above. All leads would be verified and confirmed with the prospective company. The first legitimate lead submitted on a project will be the only one eligible for the reward. The MEC manager or his appointed committee would have final decision if a question concerning the reward arises.

 Additional Reward Available in Johnson County:

As of May 2014, Johnson County, TN offers a job creation reward for new businesses that create a minimum of 25 jobs in Johnson County. The reward amount is dependent on the number of new jobs created and can reach as high as $40,000. For more information contact the Johnson County Mayor’s office at 423-727-9696.

We offer this reward program in hopes it will encourage some trucker, or some business person or a house wife, etc. to keep their eyes open, ask questions of those they meet, and maybe, just maybe, generate that lead that will bring us some new jobs.

MEC is a strong advocate of local economic development. For more details, information, or registering a lead, call the director of member services at 423-727-1811.