Energy Efficiency Incentive

Business Services (Commercial and Industrial)

Major Industrial Program

The Major Industrial Program targets industrial customers with a contract demand of greater than or equal to 5 MW that are both direct- and distributor-served. It is a holistic approach to identify and incent plant energy-efficiency opportunities.

DOE assessments are performed and supplemented with other TVA assessments. Participants also will be provided implementation assistance, ROI analysis, financial incentives, and kW reduction-verification testing. An incentive of $100/kW is paid for projects that provide reductions coincident with TVA’s critical peak and that have a payback of more than 2 years.

Aggregation of buildings can be done in order to meet the greater-than-5 MW requirement if within close proximity. Tri-party contracts will need to be signed with PDs as projects are approved. The Industrial Product Team has determined that credit for MW reduction where TVA has been involved can be counted even for projects that do not qualify for the incentive portion of this program. For example, PDs and TVA can help customers sign up for a DOE assessment, participate in the assessment, and help implement recommendations that have a payback of less than 2 years.

The TVPPA Energy Services Committee (ESC) approved TVA offering the Major Industrial Program to all PDs. Temporary positions for regional Efficiency Project Managers (EPM) have been placed throughout the Valley to work with PDs to identify potential industrial projects.