Deposit & Fees

Connection Fees and Deposits

Residential Service
When making application for service, a customer pays a $3 credit check fee, which could reduce their deposit amount. The standard deposit is $250, but with a good credit report could be reduced to $150 or no deposit at all.

Membership Fee $ 5.00
Deposit $ 250.00
Credit Risk Assessment Fee $ 3.00
Connection Fee $ 25.00
Total Fees $ 283.00
Other Fees:
After Hours Connection Fee $50.00
Temporary Service Connection Fee $20.00
Transfer Service Connection Fee $25.00

Commercial Service:
A deposit will be 2 times the highest previous bill. When there is no billing history, the deposit will be estimated. The deposit can be paid in the form of cash, a CD made out in MEC’s name, a surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit. No refund until close of account. Interest of passbook rate will be paid, adjusted and credited annually to commercial accounts.

Will I get my deposit back?
After 2 years, for a residential service, you may request that your deposit be refunded if you have an acceptable
pay rating. Otherwise, it will be returned upon termination of service and payment of final bill.