Rate Schedule

TVA’s Monthly Fuel Cost Adjustor

TVA’s fuel and purchase power cost are TVA’s largest single expense.  These costs fluctuate significantly with weather, global fuel prices and other factors. They are computed monthly and added to your electric bill in the form of a “Total Monthly Fuel Cost Adjustment”, or TMFCA.  For more detail information about TVA fuel charge visit this link. Total Monthly Fuel Cost Facts: The TMFC accounts for 20 to 27% of an average MEC residential electric bill. TMFC fluctuations may impact your electric bill by as much as 7 percent from one month to another. TVA started the fuel cost adjustment in October 2007. Nearly all electric utilities have a Fuel Cost adjustment mechanism similar to TVAs’. To get an updated list of Mountain Electric’s rate schedule, please click the link below :

Schedule of Rates and Charges