Youth Education

Energy Right Solutions for Youth Lesson Plans

The Energy Right Solutions for Youth lesson plans comply with the state learning standards for the seven states served by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for grades three, four, and five. Applicable state learning standards are listed on each lesson plan, along with recommendations for the amount of time to spend covering certain parts of a given lesson, depending on the select size of the group. In addition, each lesson plan lists needed materials if the educator elects to engage a group in recommended experiments.

Proud to be a partner in our youth’s education

MEC not only administers ongoing youth programs but can provide educational programs for nearly any class or organization that requests assistance. The following are examples of programs that are currently offered and available.

Washington Youth Tour

Each year juniors from each high school write an essay on a chosen topic about electric cooperatives. They learn all about their local coop. The winner from each high school (Johnson County, Avery High and Cloudland) joins the winners from across the United States each June in a weeklong, all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. They visit the capitol and their congressional representatives, all of the major attractions and memorials, take a boat ride on the Potomac, and spend time learning about electric cooperatives and how they function.

Youth Leadership Conference

Annually High School guidance counselors choose two juniors who have exhibited leadership qualities. The students join other students from the 23 electric coops across the state in a three-day trip to the state capitol in Nashville. They meet their state legislative representatives, visit the capitol, participate in hands-on seminars about electric cooperative functions, and see historical sites around the city.

Operation Pocket Change Scholarship Applications

Please go to About MEC tab and click on Operation Pocket Change to download the application.

4-H Electric Camp

Each June our sixth, seventh and eighth grade 4-Hers join students from across the state in Knoxville at the UT Campus where they discover the world of electricity through hands-on learning centers. These centers include electrical wiring, power outage safety, electric vehicles, other electric safety; computer generated home energy analysis, and energy efficiency.

Lineman Youth Days

Each year, MEC invites our local high school students to attend a Lineman Youth Day at their local office. The students get a hands on approach to what it’s like to be a lineman.

Career Days

We participate in each schools effort to educate students about opportunities in the workforce. Our employees take some of their work gear, bucket trucks, pamphlets and brochures as they explain the employment opportunities of the electrical field. Our booths and bucket truck rides are always the highlight of the day for most students.