ATTN: Changes to ROW Spray area in Mountain City Area

MEC’s plans to spray right of ways in Trade and Neva communities has CHANGED; these areas will no longer be sprayed this year. To better utilize cooperative dollars, MEC will be spraying right of way areas that are in greater need of chemical treatment. Chemically treating unwanted vegetation near the power lines helps reduce line clearance expenses.  The following areas WILL be sprayed in mid August: Shady Valley, TN community, portions of Doe Valley and Butler communities on Hwy 67W beginning at Spear Branch Road on Hwy 67 West and ending at Claude Matherly Road (this includes ALL secondary roads that branch off of Hwy 67 West). Other areas affected will be Doe Creek Rd, Lakeview Drive, Dry Hill Road, portions of Little Dry Run Rd, Norris Hollow, Pioneer Landing, and Greggs Branch communities. All secondary roads are included in the plans to spray as well. A list of the components of the chemical treatment is available on our website and paper copies are available in the office. We apologize for the short notice.