Beware of Scammers

Beware of scams

There have recently been attempts by scammers to fraudulently collect payments from the Members of Mountain Electric Cooperative over the phone. If someone contacts you claiming they are collecting payments, and you will be disconnected from service if you refuse, be advised it is not Mountain Electric Cooperative. Mountain Electric does not solicit payments for electric services over the phone. If you, or someone you know, is contacted by anyone claiming to be an employee of Mountain Electric and asking for credit card information, payment through a pre-paid debit card, or other forms of payment, please contact your local Sheriff’s Department and Mountain Electric. Please follow these guidelines to protect yourself from imposters:

  • Employees will not be calling members and asking for payment over the phone
  • All Mountain Electric Cooperative employees have official identification cards
  • Employees will not be soliciting their services for a fee
  • Employees will not present any sales pitch for products
  • We are not selling any power factor correction devices for your meter or service
  • No one but a MEC employee should perform any work on your meter